” Ti Sunda ka Jomantara “



Iman Jimbot is a musician from Bandung, Indonesia, which is actively exploring and experimenting Sundanese traditional music with a contemporary expression.
In recent years, Iman Jimbot has been involved in the Common Room Networks Foundation, local musicians to develop their knowledge, skills and traditional expressions with new and profound ways. He is also a member of Karinding Attack, TRAH Project, Sarasvati and many collaborations with other musicians, including the first solo album will be announced soon.  

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Recent Project


Jimbot Go to London

Workshop, Art and Cultur Show 12th – 30th of June 2018

Previous Project

With Ana Alccaide with Gotrasawala Ensamble Tales of Pagea Tour

• 08 July Móstoles, Madrid – Cultura en la Ciudad  
• 09 July Madrid – Centro Cultural Vallecas  
• 11 July Granada – FEX Festival – Parque Federico García Lorca
• 14 July Guadalajara – Palacio del Infantado  
• 15 July Toledo – Festival de Músicas del Mundo   
• 17 July Cuenca – Veranos en Cueca – Plaza de la Merced
• 18 July Madrid – Espacio Ronda
• 19 July Ciudad Real – Festival Medieval de Alarcos
• 21 July  Albacete – Caseta de los Jardinillos
• 22 July Yecla, Murcia – Festival Músicas del Aire  

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